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Ultraviolet Fibers (UVF)

Ultraviolet optical fibers are multimode optical fibers that are used in the ultraviolet and near-ultraviolet wavelength range UVF fibers have high-hydroxyl pure silica core structure, which have excellent performance in terms of fiber loss and light damage resistance. 

At the same time, according to different customer application requirements, UV optical fibers with different geometric sizes and numerical apertures can be customized.


  • Step index profile
  • Pure silica core
  • Low losses in UV band
  • Customizable geometries, coating materials and numerical apertures
  • Suitable for low-to-medium power (below watt level) energy


  • Laser transmission
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Scientific research
  • Optical devices and components
  • Sensors
  • Analytical instruments
  • UV curing

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