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Variable Beam Profile Fiber Laser

Everfoton VBP CW Fiber Lasers provides continuous adjustable laser output beam profile to any combination of high intensity central Gaussian beam and larger ring-type laser beam by using specialty fiber components and unique control system.

With the ability to adjust any power level in the central and outer ring regions, VBP CW lasers can improve cutting applications on both thick and thin metals on edge quality and cutting speed. It could also improve the welding performance by reducing spatter, cracking and porosity on different materials and different types of welds.


  • Adjustable beam profiles
  • Independently tunable power levels in the central and ring regions
  • Custom core and ring dimensions are available
  • Intelligent process optimization tool
  • Cost-effective solution for various metal processing applications


  • Thin and thick sheet metals cutting
  • Battery welding
  • Zinc-coated steel welding
  • Complex materials welding

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