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Quasi-CW Fiber lasers

Everfoton quasi-CW fiber lasers cover average output power range from 75 W to 600 W and peak powers up to 6kW, featuring high electro-optical efficiency, high stability single-mode or multi-mode beams and superior lifetime.

They can operate in CW or modulated mode up to 50 kHz frequency. The QCW lasers are perfect alternative of lamp-pumped YAG lasers in applications requiring wide pulses and high peak powers like spot welding, boring or precision cutting. All high power versions are water cooled for improved beam quality, stability and operation. Special versions with passive cooling are available too. The 19” rack mountable size allows easy integration or replacement.


  • Multiple brightness options
  • High wall plug efficiency
  • Built-in pulse editing software
  • Pulse duration 0.01-50 ms
  • Multi stage anti reflection protection
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Compact design with small footprint


  • Precision cutting
  • 3C spot and Braze welding
  • Ceramic scribing
  • Jewerly processing
  • Drilling

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