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AR Coating

Anti-Reflection Coatings are used to change the spectral transmission and reflection behavior of optical surfaces to produce optical components with desirable spectral properties. Nowadays, almost all optical devices have some optical coating applied onto its optical surfaces.

AR Coating is usually composed of combination of thin layers of oxides, metals and rare earth materials. We could provide custom anti-reflection coatings with appropriate materials and optimized configuration, with specified transmittance and a specified wavelength. We could achieve reflectivity <0.3% from 380 nm to 1650 nm.


  • Special polishing technology without scratches and chipping on the fiber core and cladding
  • High-efficiency cleaning technology eliminating liquid residues and reducing contamination on the end surface
  • Professional coating design to reduce reflection and improve light transmission efficiency


  • Pigtails output of laser pump source
  • Flexible transmission of industrial laser
  • Medical laser equipment coupling transmission
  • Laser radar transmission
  • Optical fiber sensor

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