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Pump combiners

Everfoton pump combiners (N+1)x1 are designed for high power fiber laser or high fiber amplifier setups. A unique tapering process is adopted to achieve good optical properties.

The input port includes two or six pump channels and one signal channel, the output port is passive double clad fiber that matches perfectly active fibers. The pump combiners can be customized by selecting different fiber types. N+1 High Power Pump Combiner allows combining the power from N-units of kW class fiber lasers. Versions up to 3000W per input port available.


  • High transmission efficiency
  • High pump transfer efficiency
  • Small mode distortion
  • High stability
  • Low insertion losses
  • All common fiber geometries (105/125, 106.5/125, 200/220 and 220/242)
  • N+1 High Power Laser Combiners (3x1 or 4x1 or 7x1)
  • Custom versions available


  • Fiber laser
  • Fiber amplifier
  • High power combining
  • Optical instruments

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