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High Power Transmission Fiber Patchcords

Beam Delivery Cable adopts special cladding and large core diameter energy fiber.

By optimizing the core and cladding diameter, and combining the connection process of the connector and the energy transmission cable, the end face of the optical fiber is precisely polished to achieve high-efficiency coupling and high-efficiency optical fiber energy transfer.


  • Clamping in the center of fiber, excellent concentricity
  • Transmission efficiency over 90%@1064nm
  • High laser damage threshold
  • High core NA = 0.22
  • High-quality stainless steel hose protection layer
  • Adhesive-free process available optional
  • Optional D80/SMA905 connectors
  • Optional water cooling
  • High-quality large-core fibers SI200/SI400/SI600 for selection
  • Custom versions available


  • High power transmission
  • Laser precision machining
  • Atmospheric spectral measurements
  • Laser lithotripsy

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