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Portable Fiber lasers

Everfoton portable fiber lasers are designed to meet the most demanding industrial outdoor application.

The unique air colling design reduces the weight and also results in stable operation in wide temperature ranges, ensuring excellent single mode beam quality. They can operate in CW or modulated mode up to 50 kHz frequency wit up to 750W peak power. The 19” rack mountable size allows easy integration or replacement.


  • Superior beam quality
  • High wall plug efficiency
  • Built-in pulse editing software
  • Flexible configuration of 24V/48V DC power supply
  • Pulse duration 0.01-50 ms
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Compact design with small footprint


  • Precision machining
  • 3C spot welding
  • Art restoration
  • Surface cleaning and preparation
  • Paint and rust removal

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