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Homogenized Fibers

The special homogenized optical fiber technology of YOFC adopts step-index optical fiber design to ensure high compatibility with traditional optical fibers.

The mode of propagation of the beam in the core can be tuned by special design to convert the input beam into a uniform top-hat beam profile while maintaining efficient light propagation and ensuring ultra-low insertion losses. Homogenizing fibers can be efficiently integrated with existing optical systems, and can be used in laser cladding, laser cleaning, laser welding, uniform illumination, spectroscopy, power supply or medical treatment.


  • Transforming Gaussian beam into Top-Hat / Flat-top beam profile
  • Beam uniformity - reduced hot spots
  • Extremely low insertion losses
  • Preserving effective brightness
  • Compatible with most fiber optic interconnection systems
  • Available for low power to high power applications


  • Laser beam delivery
  • Top-Hat / Flat-Top beam profile required for material processing applications
  • All-fiber solution for top-hat / Flat-Top beam shaping
  • Surgical lasers

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