We are an international liaison providing commercialization services and direct sales extension to businesses in the area of lasers, components, fiber optics and application specific solutions. We specialize in commercialization of fledgling technologies and products to world markets. Additionally, our offer includes post-sales support in the form of commissioning or servicing of equipment.

HQ of Telebrook Optronics is conveniently located in a central part of European community in Wroclaw, Poland. Our satellite offices are in Warsaw and Porto in Portugal. We provide benefits of fully skilled manpower resources without fixed overhead cost of product commercialization. We have extensive experience and skills to successfully complete steps of sales programs and management of services. Our vast network of business connections gives us access to a large group of potential opportunities in fiber lasers, components, fiber optics and vast web of applications.


Telebrook Optronics® historical background goes back to early year 2000 when a group of friends with experience in business and optics, lasers applications and optoelectronics decided to gather efforts and focused in promoting new technologies to international markets. Working together with customers and partners, the group of engineers initiated international activities of collaboration in fiber areas achieving commending results.

Telebrook Optronics® provides services to well-known Tier 1 companies which include direct sales, equipment servicing, managing of new projects and commercialization of innovative products. The group has cooperated with a number of large and small organizations like FOTS, Photonics Laser Solutions, IPRG Ltd, Nufern focusing on penetration of new markets and product commercialization. We are proud to offer a dedicated sales force and experienced engineering team capable of driving new projects to closing conclusions and tangible results. Telebrook Optronics® skilled engineering team provides fiber laser products, devices and components, custom design fiber optics and project management. Our daily success is driven by just-in-time deliveries, effective end results and one key element - a high level of trust backed up by commitment to our business partners.

Our Key Partners


Everfoton is a Chinese company headquartered in Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, that focus on the research and development, production and sales of basic materials, special optical fibers, chips, devices, components and fiber lasers. The main shareholder of Everfoton is YOFC (Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company), the global leader in optical fiber and cable industry.

YOFC is presented in Europe already with its cabling plant located in Poland. Everfoton has been deeply involved in the field of fiber lasers for many years and has many t op talents and core technologies in the fields of semiconductor laser chips, pump sources and fiber lasers. EVERFOTON has an advanced R&D and manufacturing platform for the entire fiber laser industry chain and many key core technologies:

High power active fiber

After more than ten years of technology accumulation, EVERFOTON's rare earth doping technology has reached the international leading level. In 2018, it took the lead in developing three-cladding active optical fibers in China, and has the large-scale production capacity of double-cladding and three-cladding active optical fibers. The output power of active fiber continues to increase.

Full range of passive optical fibers

With the PCVD platform and technical advantages accumulated for more than 30 years, EVERFOTON has built a laser passive fiber manufacturing platform with the largest production capacity, perfect technology and products in China, and realized the large-scale production of a full range of fiber laser passive fiber products. In recent years, YOFC has rapidly launched ring fiber, homogenized fiber, super-large core diameter fiber, polarization-maintaining passive fiber, etc. A number of new products fully demonstrate the technical advantages of the PCVD platform and EVERFOTON's rapid response and customization capabilities for industrial applications.

Core devices such as pump source and high-power grating

EVERFOTON has mastered the key technologies of pump packaging, grating, beam combiner, QBH and other core laser devices and components, laying a solid foundation for high-quality, high-performance fiber lasers. The pump source is designed with advanced design to achieve lightweight and miniaturized high power output, and an automated production platform has been built. Build an automated UV write grating and ultra-fast femtosecond write grating platform, and launched a variety of high-reliability grating products such as the highest single-cavity 5kW-class high-power grating, high-power femtosecond grating, Raman suppression grating, and various types of gratings customized development capabilities.

Fiber laser solutions

EVERFOTON's vertical integration advantages of the entire industry chain and leading technical strength ensure the high quality of fiber lasers and enable EVERFOTON to provide differentiated and customized fiber laser solutions, including a variety of options wavelength, different beam modes and diversified fiber laser solutions such as quasi-continuous, narrow linewidth and ultra-short pulses. EVERFOTON has maintained its leadership in the miniaturization, light weight and portability of lasers, and has developed 500W portable air-cooled high-brightness lasers weighing only 10kg, as well as air-cooled kilowatt-class backpack-type laser handheld welding machines suitable for outdoor applications. At present, EVERFOTON has formed a series of fiber laser solutions with power ranging from 100 watts to 20000 watts, covering sheet metal cutting, new energy battery welding, metal 3D printing, laser cladding, laser cleaning and many other segments.


Develops innovative specialty optical fiber sources based on fiber-optic technologies. Operating in a wide range of applications, standard products are designed for high performance operation at the wavelength windows of 1µm and 1.5µm. MWTechnologies also strengths its position by offering customized product design, product development and product engineering.

3SP Technologies – France 

3SP Technologies develops, manufactures and sells active optoelectronics components powered by in-house III-V chips. They provide a variety of high reliability pump laser modules and seed lasers.

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