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Ytterbium-Doped Fiber (YDF)

YOFC's double-clad Ytterbium-doped fibers are best choice for building a multi kW-class power fiber lasers at 1μm. Low NA as 0,065 allows to achieve very good output beam quality.

Low photodarkening and robust coating tends to significantly extend lifetime of built fiber lasers. Very low splice losses with available selection of matching passive fibers or components like pump combiners, FBG or pump strippers. Lasers made with YOFC fiber cavities can be widely used in material processing, medical and scientific research fields.


  • High ytterbium concentration -> High absorption
  • High laser slope efficiency
  • Low photodarkening and background losses
  • Precise geometric control and batch stability
  • High reliability coating


  • CW Fiber Lasers
  • High Peak/Average Power Pulsed Fiber Lasers

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