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Matching passive fibers – Single Clad / Double Clad

YOFC single-clad and double-clad passive fibers are used in fiber lasers in industrial and medical fields, as well as related optical devices.

This series of optical fibers precisely match the active double-clad fibers and significantly improves the splicing efficiency with the double-clad active optical fiber. Multimode fibers with large core diameters and high numerical apertures could be used for pigtailing output of pump diodes or high power fiber lasers.


  • Precise geometry control
  • Low NA as 0.065
  • Low splice losses
  • Realiable coatings


  • Pulsed/CW Fiber Lasers/Amplifiers
  • Pigtails and patchcords
  • Fiber combiners
  • Delivery cables
  • Fiber gratings

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