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Fiber Bragg Grating

FBG (Fiber Brag Grating) is a periodic reflective index modulation in optical fiber core through UV exposure which can achieve the modulation of signal light in optical fiber. It is an indispensable part of a high power fiber laser.

Sets of High Reflectors (HR) and Output Couplers (OC) are available for desired wavelength based on 10/130, 14/250 or 20/400 fibers. We could write FBG on other fiber geometries as per customer demand. High power versions with capability of handling 4000W available.


  • Low temperature slope in less than 0.01C/W under 915nm pump power
  • Central wavelength 1060nm-1090nm
  • Bandwidth operational 0.1nm-4nm
  • Wavelength mismatch within 0.2nm
  • Fiber type can be customized


  • Fiber lasers
  • Strain sensing
  • Temperature sensing
  • Acoustic sensing
  • Pressure sensing
  • Medical

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