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Diode Drivers

Compact laser diode drivers in an all-in-one unit designed for simple plug & play use as a current driver and a TEC controller. Used with either a 10-pin / 14-pin butterfly mount (provided with Type I, Type II and custom pin out routing boards) and/or a DIL mount. The mounts could be quickly exchanged by the user.

Board level constant current laser diode driver and thermoelectric cooler (TEC) controller. It offers overshoot-free fast settling PID control, and protection against reverse or over voltage. Temperature and current limit is set by onboard trimmers. The operation current and temperature can be set via USB interface with dedicated GUI software application. An RS232 interface onboard add-on is also included.


  • Small form factor
  • No overshoot
  • USB & RS232 interfaces
  • Integrated TEC controller


  • Driver 14-pin & 10-pin butterfly packaged Laser Diodes, SLD’s and SOA’s
  • Laboratory setups
  • Concept demonstrators
  • Product integration

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