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Polarization Maintaining (PM) Passive Optical Fibers

YOFC panda-type PM passive optical fiber adopts advanced PCVD process to deposit core rods and stress rods, and has precise refractive index distribution and excellent geometric and birefringence properties.

Combined with special low-refraction coatings, high NA (numerical aperture greater than 0.46) double-clad transmission is achieved. At the same time, the large mode field diameter ensures good splicing performance with other passive double-clad fibers. It is perfectly combined with active ytterbium-doped polarization-maintaining fibers. Perfect solution to build efficient ultrafast lasers reduce nonlinear effects within it.


  • Precise geometry control
  • Excellent birefringence properties
  • Low splice losses – perfectly matching active ytterbium-doped polarization-maintaining fibers


  • Chirped pulses amplification
  • Second harmonic generating
  • Narrow linewidth PM amplifiers

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