Novel applications in micromachining often require flexible, non-contact and non-destructive methods.

Everfoton QCW fiber lasers with high quality and high brightness focusable beam can be used to drill almost any materials with low heat transfer effects at high speeds and repeatability. Laser light interaction with matter eliminates the issues with a drilling tool wear or pre- and post-processing like in chemical etching.

Laser light drilling is also more controllable allowing a flexible change of the drill hole dimensions, shapes and angles and ensures hole-to-hole repeatability. Contrary to other drill methods like punch or mechanical, laser drilling solves the problems with a tool prototyping (punch press or drill tooling), reduces the process and parts costs. Everfoton QCW fiber lasers are ideal solutions in which both drilling and cutting is required to process the same parts – they can be easy switched from pulsed (drill) to CW (cut) operation.

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