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Laser diodes
We can provide you with the Seed Laser Modules and Pump Laser Modules depending on your application.

In our offer you can find both single and multimode laser diodes. We can offer diodes based on PM and non-PM fibers, operating on different wavelengths and different power.

Pumps for: Ytterbium doped fibers
  • Wavelength: 974nm ÷ 976nm
  • Operating power: Single-mode (PM or non-PM) up to 750 mW
  • Operating power: Multi-mode up to 9W
Pumps for: Erbium doped fibers
  • Wavelength: 980nm or 1480nm
  • Operating power: Single-mode (PM or non-PM) up to 950mW
  • Operating power: Multi-mode up to 9W
Pumps for: Thulium doped fibers
  • Wavelength: 793nm
  • Operating power: up to 4W
Diodes can be terminated with bare fiber or a connector depending on the needs.

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or call us: +48 71 735 19 77.

We will be glad to offer you a suitable solution.

Laser diode driver

Our offer also includes special driver for laser diodes.

This compact Laser Diode Driver (cLDD) is a compact all-in-one unit designed for convenience of use and combines a user interchangeable mount for a laser diode, SLED, SOA or similar device, a current driver and a TEC controller,
all in a self-contained enclosure.

This product includes a USB port and a software control application
with a graphical user interface (GUI) for real-time device monitoring,
control and data logging.

The cLDD is used with either a 14-pin butterfly mount and/or a DIL mount.

The main characteristics of the driver are:
  • compact and cost-effective module with USB control;
  • laser diode driver for diodes up to 2A, TEC driver up to 3A;
  • laser mount (14-pin butterfly standard, Type 1+2, DIL);
  • the possibility of direct current modulation.

In our offer you can also find the OEM laser diode driver.

We can provide the set of a diode with driver installed and tested before shipping.

Please let us know about your needs and we will help you find the most suitable solution.

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