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Fiber Bragg Gratings
Fiber Bragg Grating is fiber segment of length 1-10 mm, which reflects light with a specific wavelength.
FBGs can be used in different applications depending on a fiber type, recoat and wavelength.

We can offer you Fiber Bragg Gratings for laser applications (FBGL). They are widely used across the industry
to build highly efficient, high beam quality laser cavities.

The essential features of the offered FBGs are:
  • Single reflectors or high/low reflector pairs with precise wavelength matching (<0.2nm)
  • Wide Bandwidth & Reflectivity Range
  • Wide Variety of Fiber Types
  • High Power Handling
  • Offered recoated with low index polymer or in our high power package
  • Negligible pump & signal loss and ultra-low temperature rise with pump power
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Competitive pricing

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We will be glad to offer you a suitable solution.

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