Telebrook Optronics - Laser technology, Fiber Optics, Optoelectronics
About Company
The historical background of Telebrook Optronics® goes back to early 2000 when friends with experienced in business and optics, lasers application, and optoelectronics. Their key activities were focused on promotion of new technologies to international markets. Working together with customers and partners, the group engineers, initiated international activities of collaboration in areas of fiber achieved commending results. Since then, the group has cooperated with a number of large and small organizations like FOTS, Photonics Laser Solutions, and IPRG Ltd, Nufern focusing on penetration of new markets and product commercialization.

Today, with a wealth of experience and under the umbrella of Telebrook Optronics ®, we provide services in form of direct business extension to well-known Tier 1 companies. Our services include direct sales, equipment servicing, managing of new projects, and commercialization of innovative products. We offer dedicated sales force and experienced engineering team capable of driving new projects to closing conclusions and tangible results. Our skilled engineering team provides services in maintenance of laser devices, custom design fiber optics, and project management. Our daily success is driven by deliverables, end results and one key element - high level of trust backed up by commitment to our business partners.