Fiber lasers offer contact-free and high-speed welding solutions of different materials in many industrial applications. The reflectivity of aluminum and copper is much lower at 1mic which paves a way to weld such materials up to dozens of millimeters – the thickness which was not accessible by other lasers.

A high power and high quality beam is a perfect combination used in keyhole welding where the laser beam is trapped inside the joint resulting in deep material’s penetration with high quality welds.
Additionally, high quality beam minimizes thermal effects (reduced HAZ) during processing at high speeds.

Fiber lasers integrated with galvanometers are perfect solutions in remote welding stations where the beam can be focused with long focal lens objective to a very small spot.

A variety of output cable types and connectors allow easy integration with robotic arms – ideal for many industrial applications like complete car body or battery packs welding.


Everfoton fiber lasers provide:

  • High precision accuracy
  • High quality beam and high stability operations (constant weld quality)
  • Maintenance free operation for reduced cost of ownership
  • Non-contact process: no consumables (like electrodes or gas)

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