Marking Engraving

Fiber lasers are commonly used for high speed marking on almost all materials, but are most suitable for metals, plastics and ceramics. Laser marking is permanent and non-contact, thus eliminating consumables (like inks or dyes) and reduces processing cost. With a combination of different focusing heads, it’s the best solution for free-form marking and patterning.

Usually in metals, the process creates a tiny dark coating on the marked surface. By changing laser light and processing parameters it’s possible to create color effects. The material is not removed from the surface.

In multi-layered structures, in opposition to dark marking, the laser light removes a tiny layer of top material (like coating, paint), creating contrast. This technique is mainly used for marking films, foils and anodized aluminum.

High stability of fiber laser is crucial for 2D, UDI (Unique Device Identification) and mark on-the-fly applications to create constant and high quality marks with high repeatability.

Fiber lasers integrated with galvanometers are perfect solutions in ultrafine and micro marking applications where the beam can be focused to a very small spots.

Maintenance-free Everfoton fiber lasers can be matched for specific material and application.

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