Not only a high average power, which allows to cut few cm metal sheets, but also a high beam quality which is required for precise cutting (like medical stents or battery industry) brings many advantages over existing techniques in cutting industries.

Focusing a single mode beam to very small spot sizes which results in extreme power densities makes single mode fiber lasers a perfect choice for thin metal cutting with smallest possible kerf.

Additionally, the pulsed-mode operation of quasi-CW lasers minimizes thermal effects and heat accumulation, which plays a critical role in micromachining applications. High energy pulses help to cut thick high-reflectivity materials at lower average power.

The most important benefits of fiber laser cutting are:

  • Precision and repeatability of high-quality cuts
  • Non-contact process (no tool wearing like in mechanical process and no consumables like in plasma or waterjet)
  • High speed, scalable process
  • Reduced cost of ownership due to maintenance-free operation and production yield
  • Possibility to cut high reflection material due to high absorption of 1 mic wavelength
  • Variety of output cable lengths and connectors for easy automation

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