Many todays industries need a fast and non-destructive cleaning methods. Here, the Everfoton lasers step in.

The compactness, robustness and portability makes them ideal solution for remote and outdoor applications like:

  • Wall building cleaning
  • Art restoration
  • Paints, coatings and rust removal in heavy industries like rail, aerospace and ship building
  • Surface modification for increased adhesion

Laser cleaning is ablative process where only a tiny layer of surface material is removed with almost no impact to undelaying substrate. Not only this eliminates the need of using additional abrasive or chemical materials, but also is environmental-friendly process which reduces the cost of cleaning parts, eliminating wastes and waste disposal problems.

It also speeds up the time due to a lack of pre- or post-processing like chemical treatment or drying.

Fiber laser cleaning can be fully automated and can be applied selectively to areas not accessible by other methods which requires manual, skilled operations. It’s more controllable and can be used in thin or composite materials.

The big advantages of laser cleaning are, for example:

  • Precision: the beam is focused and steered directly on cleaned area
  • No abrasive or chemical media are used
  • Selectivity – cleaning can be applied only to required area
  • Non-contact, consistent and repeatable process

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