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Educational components from Nufern
  • Large anvil for absorbing rejected heat from fiber
  • Large shield face to absorb reflected power from meter & protect fiber
  • Finger shelf for easy and repeatable loading
  • Spring loaded for fast and easy “no-tool” use

  • US patent 7,400,812 & others pending
  • Uses the inherent straightening force generated within a bent fiber to gently
    but firmly contact the heat rejecting active fiber to a heat sink
  • Keeps heat rejecting coils of fiber out of thermal contact with other fibers
    & inhibits optical communication from wrap to wrap
  • Is easily loaded and unloaded for the benefit of experimenters
  • Available in 5, 10 or 15m capacities

  • Wavelength matching HR & output coupling device
  • Matched fo Nufern active fibers; both SM & LMA versions stocked
  • High power handling: >30W for 8/130 gratings; >500W for 20/400 gratings

Cladding Light Stripper
  • Both SM and LMA fiber coupled cladding light strippers are available
  • Capable (with heat sink) of sustained high powers (20W for 130 μm fiber and 200W for 400 μm fiber) for inners
  • Convenient pedestal package

Signal and Pumps Combiner
  • 400 μm LMA output fiber
  • High power and water-cooled package
  • Matched fibers for optimum performance

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